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FCKL at the AirAsia KL Junior League: Week 7 Review

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Our FC Kuala Lumpur squads are riding on great momentum, and it showed over last weekend!

What many may have missed out on is the amount of games we had that could have been considered “league derbies”, and we’re here to round up how our teams did against their rivals!

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5 of our teams went head to head with JSA last weekend, and from the games, we recorded three wins, a draw and a loss.

Victories came from our U12s, who won 1-0, and the U16s with a 2-0 result. 

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The FCKL U13 Girls A came back from two goals down to tie their game against their opponents in a spirited display, which also saw two highlight reel-worthy goals from our girls. The FCKL U15 girls beat JSA 1-0 in their match-up later in the afternoon. The U11s held their own very well despite the loss, with the result at the end of the game being 0-1.

For our younger age groups, the U8s continued their winning form, beating opponents AirAsia Setiawangsa Rangers 4-2 to put pressure on the top 2 of their division. The U9s, however, suffered a defeat 1-0 in the hands of the ATBTR Seahawks.   

The U10s and U10 EDP squads played in the hot afternoon over at Ardence Arena, but that did not stop them from producing 4-1 and 5-3 wins respectively. The U12 EDP, who were also playing at the same venue, unfortunately didn’t have such luck, losing their game against Shoot Academy 0-1.

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Our older age groups also had a great outing over the weekend, with the U13s having to play 2 matches on both Saturday and Sunday. Both games resulted in 1-0 and 3-2 wins. The U14s went against AirAsia Setiawangsa Rangers and won their game 3-0, putting them in contention of the U14 Division 1 title with only a number of games left. The U14 EDPs, however, had to settle for a 1-1 draw against FC 1Goal.

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Wrapping up our matches for the weekend were the FCKL U16 EDP and U18s, who both suffered losses against Westside Sports and MISC respectively. 

Regardless the results, we’re happy with the performance that the teams involved had over the weekend, and we’re looking forward to more in the final stretch of the AirAsia KL Junior League season!

Want more shots? Here’s Week 7’s gallery!

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Whilst there are a bunch of really exciting matches to look forward to, let us not forget that there is still a bigger battle that we have not won yet! So don’t forget to follow the SOP and guidelines set by the league organisers and venue management. Overall we want you to stay safe and play the best you can for the remainder of the season.

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