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FC Kuala Lumpur’s Return to the AirAsia KL Junior League: A Review

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Competitive football returns, and our FC Kuala Lumpur teams let their opponents know how fired up they are to be back!

The AirAsia KL Junior League restart over the weekend saw some very productive football being played acrossed the squads who were involved. 

With most of the contingent having played their first competitive match in the last 5 months, here’s how it went down!

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Kicking things off on Saturday at Ardence Arena were the older age groups, with the biggest results coming from the EDP U14s, who registered their first points in their division with a 12-0 win against Inter Enfield CF. The U15s showed us their fighting spirit following a draw their division reset game against Ombak FC, coming back from a goal down to draw 2-2. 

Matches at The New Camp saw a win and a loss for our squads, with the U16s losing to SJCSC 0-3, and the EDP U16s beating Inter Enfield CF 4-1. 

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Sunday turned out to be a day of unpredictable weather with very positive outcomes. 

Kicking off the games for our young contingent was the U8s, who beat ATBTR Seahawks 6-1 on a very wet 8 a.m. game at the league’s latest venue, Endfield @ The Club Bukit Utama. The U9s and EDP U9s also recorded wins with a 6-3 and 5-1 scoreline against Raisuri Warriors and Subang City FC Junior respectively. 

The EDP U10s also won their game against Raisuri Warriors B, with the match ending on a tight scoreline of 4-3. The U11s suffered a 0-1 loss in the hands of Spartans FC. Also in the losing end of the stick was the U7 Eagles, who lost to Lynx FA. Both teams, however, will be looking at the positives of their results with the way they played. 

Wrapping up the remaining Sunday games are the EDP U12s, who beat Hira FA, and the both FCKL Girls U13 team. The latter match was one that saw FCKL Girls U13 B come up victorious with a 3-1 result. 


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Apart from the great results over the weekend, we also had some good shots from our media team! Enjoy all captured moments with the gallery below!

Don’t forget to stay updated on our FC Kuala Lumpur Instagram account!

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