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AirAsia KL Junior League Matchweek 7 Previews

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With a productive return recorded, the FCKL contingent are ready for more to come their way this weekend at the AirAsia KL Junior League.

This weekend will see more than 70% of our total squad involved in their respective divisions, and we’re excited to see what will come out of this weekend’s fixtures!

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On Saturday, our U13s will kick off at 8 a.m. against Subang City FC Junior, and it will be their first match back since the lockdown. The U14s also make their return to competitive football, with AirAsia Setiawangsa Rangers being their opponents. They will be looking to carry their KL Cup winning form over to the league.

The FCKL U16s will be looking to come back from their 3-0 defeat last week, going against JSA A on their Saturday game. Coach Keshika will then lead the U18s and U16 EDPs on their matches at 12pm and 1pm respectively, against opponents MISC (U18s) and Westside Sports (U16 EDP).

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The only younger age group to play on Saturday will be the U11s,who face off against JSA at Ardence Arena. They’ll be looking forward to another game which will help them gain some more experience. You can find what Coach Chris, coach of the team, had to say about the previous fixture earlier in the year here.

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Kicking off the Sunday fixtures for the FC Kuala Lumpur Contingent will be the the U14 EDPs and FCKL U13 Girls A, who have matches against FC 1Goal and JSA respectively. The FCKL Girls U15s will also return to competitive football against JSA on the day. 

Sunday also sees a lot of our contingent playing in the late morning, with the U8s going against the AirAsia Setiawangsa Rangers following a great 6-1 win last weekend. Also looking to continue their winning form will be the U9s, who will be playing the ATBTR Seahawks. The U10s will also be playing against the U10s of the Seahawks, and it will be their first game back since the lockdown.

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Also making their return to the Junior League will be the FCKL U12s, who face JSA at Ardence Arena. The U12 EDP will play against Shoot FA at the same venue. Completing the venue matches for the contingent on Sunday will be the U10 EDPs, who will be looking to solidify their top spot in Division 3 when they play Hira FA. 


Once again, good luck to all involved this tournament!

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Whilst there are a bunch of really exciting matches to look forward to, let us not forget that there is still a bigger battle that we have not won yet! So don’t forget to follow the SOP and guidelines set by the league organisers and venue management. Overall we want you to stay safe and play the best you can for the remainder of the season.

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